First Party Software

An IT consultancy dedicated to providing better solutions to the Mac IT sector through innovation, dedication and clarity.

About FPS

First Party Software Ltd was founded in 2013 by Filipp Lepalaan. Before that I had worked at several Authorized Apple Service Providers and resellers for over 13 years with responsibilities ranging from sales, service, support, training and development. My previous work experience culminated in co-founding a successful Apple Service Provider in Finland.

The demands for technical services around Macs and iOS have never been higher. They are everywhere and they have to interface with everything. The work is more challanging and there's simply a lot more of it. Being a UNIX system, the possibilities a Mac affords are virtually limitless, but with great power often comes great complexity.

This is where FPS comes in - we're here to help you help your customers. Whether it's finding the right storage solution in a heterogenous network, deploying the right OS on bare metal at your service location or interfacing with Apple's GSX web service, we can help.


Our particular areas of expertise include OS X deployment systems using NetBoot, asr, DeployStudio; network programming using various technologies; Integration with Apple's GSX web services; file and internet services using FreeBSD.

We also make Servo, the kick-ass Service Management System for Authorized Apple Service Providers.

Anything we do always starts with getting a solid understanding of how you work. That's where the company name comes from - we are on the same side with the customer and every project is done as if it was done for ourselves.

Contact FPS

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about our services or products, or to just say hello!